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  1. There will be three examinations for classes LKG to V and four examinations for classes VI to X in every academic year
  2. Marks will be awarded to the students based on the quality of the answers provided to the questions in the examination.
  3. Willful breach of any of the rules during an examination may cause cancellation of the paper or any other corrective measure.
  4. Application for verification of marks should be submitted to the principal within a period of 3 days after the declaration of the results. Answer sheets of final examination will not be shown to the students.
  5. Students’ evaluation will be on the basis of Grades awarded in place of marks as per the examination policy
  6. The minimum marks required for passing in each subject and in the aggregate shall be 33% or D Grade.


  1. Candidates who fail in important subjects such as Maths, Social studies, Science, Hindi, Sanskrit and English shall appear for a re- test. Failing in the retest will have to repeat his or her class.
  2. To determine eligibility for promotion, the average of all the examinations will be considered